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The Maybelline Master Sculpt is a drugstore contouring palette that joins the slew of similar new to market budget products. I for one am thrilled that the high street is finally catching up with the sculpting offerings of the premium brands, meaning that I can move away from bronzer for shade!

I picked up the Master Sculpt in shade 01 Light/Medium. As a fan of everyday contouring (hello Katie’s chubby cheeks, or should that be goodbye…) – without the need to draw on war paint each morning – I have been seriously impressed with this duo. Although I completely agree that no one needs to go the whole way with a daily Kim K – in fact, I’d never go that far – creating definition and light is a step I enjoy, and is maybe, just a little teeny tiny bit, needed when you’re creeping towards your 30s.

It offers subtle, blendable sculpting, with buttery textured powders, and a long lasting finish. The contour is warm-toned without being a bronzer and easily blends to a natural contour. The contour takes up around ¾ of the pan, leaving just a slither of space at the side for the highlight. There is a slight shimmer here and it only requires the lightest of touches for a beautiful finish. In fact, I’m such a fan of the highlighter that I’m fingers-crossed that this appears as a solo product in its own right.



The soft, contoured finish created by the kit is a look that is so wonderfully effortless I’ve even used it without a base for a fuss-free, no makeup look. Perfectly perky definition for the school run!

The Maybelline Master Sculpt retails at £6.99.

It is also available in the shade 02 Medium/Dark, which I plan to try when I hit pan as this kit offers a cool-toned contour shade.

What other drugstore contour kits do you love?

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