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LIFESTYLE | Five Ways to Happy – July


Oh hello! How are you?

I’m having a hard time at the moment. It happens – to all of us. I’ve been thinking about ways to bring myself a little inner peace whilst I’m recovering. We came up with the idea of a Five Ways to Happy blog series where each month Rebecca and I will suggest five ways to create happiness.

Here is our suggestions for this month:


Whether you are going away, have been away, or can’t go away this year, there is ALWAYS the option to have a holiday at home. Pick one weekend this month to treat as a holiday – without going away. (You could go crazy and do this every month) This works for everyone, whether you are on your own, a couple, or a family. This does take a bit of commitment to truly treat it like a holiday, but there is no reason it can’t be a mini break!

On the Thursday / Friday before get on top of ALL of your housework, change the sheets Friday night, get in the goodies for your favourite breakfast. If you plan on still eating at home, why not prepare meals in advance so you don’t have to do the cooking?

Then, on Saturday, get up, have that delicious breakfast, and head out for the day. Don’t worry about the post – just put it in a safe place. Choose a new town or attraction within an hour of your home to explore. Choose picnics or a cafe for lunch, if you can. Spend the whole day out as a tourist and try not to pick the things you always do.  Send some family and friends postcards.

In the evening, if you’re eating at home, eat outside, light some candles, and drink your favourite teas. If you’re eating out, why not have an early supper at a restaurant you’ve never been too, before returning home to have a balmy evening outside anyway!

On the Sunday, simply repeat! You could try something more relaxed if you can’t decide on somewhere else to go. A day at the beach is a great idea, if you have one near you. If not, why not recreate one in the garden with a paddling pool and some blankets, cushions, or recliners. Have a BBQ, or fish and chips, to make it feel truly like you’re at the coast!

There really are no rules to this obviously but it works best if you avoid people and places you see all the time. It enables you to appreciate time with each other in an exciting way without breaking the bank. There is a whole lot of world to travel but sometimes it’s easy to forget that where we are from is probably full of wonders too.


Go to your CD collection and pick out an album, which you can’t remember the last time you listened to it. If you’re not as old as me and everything you have is digital, then obviously going through your playlist is the same.

Everyone knows how music has the power to affect our emotions. One of my favourites is the exhilaration when you hear a song you haven’t heard for a while. It reminds you of a little bit of you and that is charmingly comforting.


Have some me time. From a simple bubble bath to a DIY a facial or a mini mani-pedi, there is something about spending a little bit of time on yourself that can stop you from thinking or worrying about everything else around you.


That thing, you know the one. Stop putting it off. Whether it’s the call you need to make, the bag you need to clear out, or the nail varnish you need to take off, do it when you think of it. Once it’s done, it’s done!


Pick someone you love and do something nice for them. It could be as simple as writing them a letter if they’re not nearby at the moment, or always jumping up to make them a drink when you see them. However grand you want to go with your gesture, this is a great way of reminding yourself to be kind and to not take other people for granted. It may bring up the whole there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed (anyone else have their mind jump immediately to Friends?!) but it is still a good deed.

So that’s July’s Five Ways to Happy. Whether you opt to do them all or just one, even in the darkest of moments, we can choose to have a little pocket of happiness. Please do let us know if you try any of these – we’d love to see your smiles!

See you later!

Katie & Rebecca xx


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