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Hello everyone! How are you? I’ve always loved nail varnish. When i was much younger I would labour for hours, creating intricate designs. Especially butterflies. So many splodgy butterflies. Obviously I’m much too sophisticated for that now. *ahem*

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FASHION | OOTD Winter Vs Summer – Day 2

Hello you! Hope you’re having a good week. Today’s outfits certainly show how opposite we are at the moment. How cute does Becs look?

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Hello everyone! How are you? Today I’m going to talk to you about one of the most infamous hair dilemmas… A couple of months ago I made a ghastly, foolish mistake. I impulsively cut my fringe back in, after months of growing it out. It had just gone past my chin. My chin! And I […]

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Life | New Year Changes… Everything

Hello everybody! Happy New-ish Year! How are you? Today is a gloriously sunny winter’s day and, whilst I sit in the back of the car, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and begin this blog proper. As sisters we’ve recently¬†gone through a catastrophic¬† change that I don’t really want to go […]

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We Have A Brother Too

It just seemed pertinent to mention him. I’m not sure that he’s the blogging type. Maybe he’ll do a guest post at some point. But, for now, it’s just us girls. And we’ll be getting stuck in really soon.

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